Tokyo Menix propose the Mechano Dynamic System Series, which was born from these three keywords "Work flow," "Communication line," and "Medical efficiency" are important factors in order to support high-quality medical care in clinical practice recently.

Mechano main unit

Mechano main unit Height adjust Efficiency caster Counterbalanced Size

Table, Saction table, Drainage bath

Top table Side table Saction table Drainage bath Example1 Example2 Example3

Mechano tray(R500・R400・R300)

Mechano tray R500 Mechano tray R400 Mechano tray R300 Tray conbibation Example1

Side cramp, Offset cramp, joint cramp

Side cramp Offset cramp Joint cramp Example1

Line holder

Line holder Example1 Example2

Hanger pole, Balancer, Camera mount, Bottle rack

Hanger pole Balancer Camera mount Bottle rack Example1 Example2

Standing lateral

Standing lateral Example1 Example2