Heart Sonar

The procedure of  fully
informed consent.

Hear the heart sounds
of your pet
with your owner.

HS-401 [AC adaptor] 

HS-401 Front side HS-401 Back side Example

HS-402   [Battery] 

HS-402 front side HS-402 Back side Easy of placement

Sensitivity adjustment

The sensitivity level can be adjusted to avoid rubbing of the hair and noise. Heart sounds can be heard at normal levels, but sensitivity can also be used to capture heart sounds and murmurs in small animals. 

Connect with PC

Recording and playback can be performed by connecting between PC and the input and output terminals on the back. The software is required for recording and playing back using a PC.


Stethoscope Microphone
 Our original microphone enables to reduce rubbing noise, listen to realistic sounds.  Listen to heart sounds with the speaker to share heart sound with pet owner.

Esophageal Microphone
 A small microphone is built in the tip. It is made of silicone resin with appropriate flexibility for safety considerations, so it can smoothly enter the esophagus. While concentrating on surgery, the speaker sounds can be used to grasp changes in the anesthetic seismic intensity and blood pressure of the living body




Heat Sonar 
Outer dimension:W180×D160×H155mm
Output:1 connector
Input:Microphone connector + 1 connector
Accessories:AC adaputor、Sound code
Heat Sonar Ⅱ
Outer dimension:W180×D160×H145mm
Output:1 connector
Input:Microphone connector + 1 connector
Time to charge:10hr.  3hrs can be run after fully charge
Accessories:AC adaptor, Sound code